The Concept Mercedes-Maybach EQS

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A Fully Online Operation


Mercedes’ Maybach exhibition at the 2021 IAA mobility motor show called for a powerful presentation and antoni, its creative agency, was poised to answer. The only problem was data security. The pressing data security challenge presented by the agency’s use of a major creative resource network was easily tackled with’s NDA management and other on-boarding features. The use of live streaming also replaced the need of renders with online collaboration in near real-time, saving more of it.


The Mercedes EQS SUV Maybach represents the first fully electric vehicle created the by the automotive giant to hit the market. Breaking into the EV field, however, is more than a technological milestone for the power-centered luxury brand. It’s an opportunity to set a new standard for EVs altogether.With no need for the trademark Mercedes grille, the EQS Maybach’s aesthetic drastically differs from its predecessors’. When it came to the vehicle’s premiere at the IAA motor show amidst a pandemic, however, its unique appearance placed an implicit demand on antoni, the project’s creative agency.How can this EV’s disruptive visage be captured visually in its creative exhibition material?

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How would the creative agency collaborate seamlessly on digital material under a fast approaching hard-stop come the IAA motor show? And working confidentially, remotely and as effectively as possible during a pandemic wasn’t the only challenge.

Another pitfall presented by a digital client-agency dynamic was the ever-looming risk of renders sent back and forth leaking to the public prior to the EV’s launch. On top of that, rendering also represents a massive time and resource sink for any creative operation, which antoni could do without. To curb the risk and free up the resources, a new workflow solution that would limit the use of file renders would have to be found.


Where no renders certainly meant no leaks, it also spelled digital workflow challenges for the team. Contributors would have to collaborate as effectively as possible in the digital space. Tackling digital collaboration with, stakeholders could work together on sets of material in real-time, simultaneously. Our feature-rich live monitoring platform supported a new, digital approach of structuring workflows from ideation to client approval. The live streaming platform equipped post production with the means to quality control material across different display devices as it operated on the source of truth.


antoni was able to migrate their practice and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders online, seamlessly. Resources could effectively work together, grading material on the “big screen”, while others operate on tablets and phones, ensuring fidelity across devices for high-stakes creative material. The result? A powerful debut for Mercedes’ most prominent step into a carbon-conscious future at the IAA motor show.